“The Flower Girl”

April 2, 2010

What is this fear?  At the start of anything new in my life, like this blog for example, there’s always this underlying fear. So many times during the day you can hear it. Listen. There behind the hum of the cars and the drone of the rattling A/C you’ll hear people proclaim their fears in every casual conversation. I’ve long harbored a fear in me (many actually), ingrained from years in a world my parents found too callous and in their efforts to shield me from “life” there it was instilled… this fear.

Here are a few things I will say with a minimum amount of anxiety and care at whomever happens to read this. I am a poetess, self proclaimed though it may be. I am “The Flower Girl” as my self published chapbook declares. I am tempted to erase this post and I am tempted to hide who I am.  While setting up this blog I kept thinking to myself, who would want to read what I have to write? What have I got to say? If anything at all. And now as I type I find my purpose and the reason behind this purple page and I smile at the tips of my fingers and this screen.  A vow I will make is that from this moment I will strive to rid myself of fear. To take every moment squeezed like a fragile grape  and let it drip through fingers convinced of the power of words, determined to redefine poetry, to spread inspiration & Love and using the Bordeaux remaining mixing it with elements and idiosyncrasies to paint the walls of my life in the shades I choose. Every day.

You cannot truly LIVE with fear.  My name is Sarah and I have something to say.



  1. there’s a chinese proverb that says “to become comfortable you must leave what is comfortable”. keep blogging girl.

  2. Good Luck Sarah!! Don’t worry, we’re supporting u all the way… =D

  3. My name is Khan, and I am not…. haha j/k! I dig it snow! Really glad you took a step into blogging your work and creating a new, fun way of following up with your work. Since your also leavin Abu Dhabi this leaves a little snowflake behind for us Dhabians 😛

    P.S: my fear is because of the A/C Rattling in the newest of buildings these days, let alone other structural necessities. 😀

    Keep posting, We’re reading!


  4. My name is Reef…and im a sleepaholic!
    great work sarsoora! keep it up! w loving the atelier poetica sign with the whole purple thing going on!!

  5. thanks you guys! means a lot to me.

    lots of love,

  6. you’re so beautiful…lovely

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