Gaza in ash

November 20, 2012

He is carrying her

covered in ash

eyes still open

lying on a hospital table

in bright neon

looking up

but never seeing anything,

he kisses her face

holds her head

disarray of hair

black, thick

aged by a missile

a coward tank

the houses of rubble surround

demolition from above

but when we pray the sky is ours

to hold palms facing upwards

begging for mercy

demanding revenge

the expanse of a liberty

to reach for but never touch.



so abundant here


they are killing you

little children’s feet

are sticking out of white sheets

ravaged open for a camera

to disturb peace

to show everyone

how small this little girl is

how her woollen sweater

chosen for warmth now holds

no heartbeat

not even blood

from above it came

the crushing.





A father squats in the corner

wall behind him peeling

his daughters

three, five, seven, dead

she says

“May God give you others”

to die? To be greyed

and ashen

and limp?

Her eyes are still open

but they see nothing

they never knew


only filthy rags and plastic bags

a glory army meters away

human cages

children’s fingers always grey

faces smudged with ash

and winter

small bodies aged by the shades

of unrestrained war.



I have wept.


I have forgotten.


The shame

of everyday complaints

compared to


I am doing nothing

and most of me doesn’t want to know

doesn’t want to see

screams of the suppressed

innocence drained

Gaza I died today

but you are living in hell

and I wonder when all of it will end.


December 14,  2009



One comment

  1. Indeed we have forgotten..

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