Poeticians Poetry Reading July 18!

July 13, 2010

In the midst of this UAE Summer blaze the Poeticians bring you another intimate poetry reading on Sunday July 18 at 8 pm in Shelter, Dubai.

For more info check out the facebook invite on the POETICIANS & Atelier Poetica groups.

Let the poetry begin..



July 9, 2010

Light switch
the window lets the afternoon in
beige curtains unhinged
in disdain
couch sinks under my weight
refrigerator hums itself cold
A/C falls silent.
My body bending towards paper
free time
the non-action
in daylight
distant highway moans
screech past the bedsheets.
Your breath darling
would ease my nothingness
your presence
I pray for
in my unholy church
imagined mosque
a prayer for your comfort
for the jagged numbers
and now fading light
that you come to me
when the movement falls still
to whisper all is nothing
when your body and mine are wrapped tight
the meanings forgotten
and thinking’s sorrow forever erased.

By Sarah Snowneil Ali


“The Flower Girl” for sale in Beirut

July 9, 2010

My book of poems “The Flower Girl” is now being sold at Cafe Younes in Hamra, Beirut!! Contact me for any info. Whomever reads this post, I hope your day is full of poetry and love 🙂


Love poem in clichĂ© minor

June 15, 2010

I haven’t been fair
to our love
my darling
when I say that
all that can be said about love
has passed
in words
clichéd now for years.
To speak softly
of your hand
chest and legs
as though no one has seen
what I see
would only put me
to Neruda’s shame.
But your pout
so serious as you drive
is mine, I think
to steal
your accent
and the way you reverse
your “j” and “g”
and the way “sandwich” comes
with a clenching of your jaw
lower teeth exposed
upper lip upturned
and your eyes always in those
playful moments
to my lips lowered
in your coy boyishness.
I want to brush your hair
fix your collar
lift your sweater
squeeze your temple
with a kiss designed to mark you
speeding as we are on these
reconstructed spirally streets.
I haven’t been fair
because I didn’t mention
your smile
when I become a little girl
or the way your silence
speaks to me
more than all the artificial talk and moan
enveloping me at every
corner plane
cramped space
elevator cube and noose
and perhaps it’s futile
to describe what can only
instinctively be felt on a
dusty cloudy afternoon
sitting by you in the car
trying to mould a love
poem that hasn’t been written,
I told you darling,
I haven’t been fair.



April 26, 2010

5 dollar lollipop
Thigh high birthmark
Cellulite beige creases
Mini shorts
tiny skirt
See through is the new black
3 dollar water
Take it
Scorch it on your open palm
Obey the sun
Sweat your souls
To vapor
Iced coffee to cool
Blended shaken
To a core vacant
Diamonds for eye lashes
Plastic for noses
Cartilage curve
Wide porcelain forehead
Botox in the blender
Caramalize your hearts
Look away from construction workers
Brown skin is the new black skin.
250 dollars one month’s paycheck
for blue overalls’ slavery.
Indifference is hell.

By Sarah Snowneil Ali
March, 2010


Poetry Reading in Dubai on April 15!

April 11, 2010

As part of its series of readings in Dubai, the Poeticians (www.poeticians.com) presents it’s fourth reading this year on April 15th, 2010 in Shelter, Dubai.

For more information please join these groups on Facebook:
Atelier Poetica

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Shelter, Warehouse 209, 318th Road, Al Quoz Industrial 4
Map: http://shelter.ae/images/8_7_2009_12_59_33_.jpg

Fees and registration: Free for Shelter Members, Non-Members need to purchase a Day Pass for 15 AED


“The Flower Girl”

April 2, 2010

What is this fear?  At the start of anything new in my life, like this blog for example, there’s always this underlying fear. So many times during the day you can hear it. Listen. There behind the hum of the cars and the drone of the rattling A/C you’ll hear people proclaim their fears in every casual conversation. I’ve long harbored a fear in me (many actually), ingrained from years in a world my parents found too callous and in their efforts to shield me from “life” there it was instilled… this fear.

Here are a few things I will say with a minimum amount of anxiety and care at whomever happens to read this. I am a poetess, self proclaimed though it may be. I am “The Flower Girl” as my self published chapbook declares. I am tempted to erase this post and I am tempted to hide who I am.  While setting up this blog I kept thinking to myself, who would want to read what I have to write? What have I got to say? If anything at all. And now as I type I find my purpose and the reason behind this purple page and I smile at the tips of my fingers and this screen.  A vow I will make is that from this moment I will strive to rid myself of fear. To take every moment squeezed like a fragile grape  and let it drip through fingers convinced of the power of words, determined to redefine poetry, to spread inspiration & Love and using the Bordeaux remaining mixing it with elements and idiosyncrasies to paint the walls of my life in the shades I choose. Every day.

You cannot truly LIVE with fear.  My name is Sarah and I have something to say.